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Larking About's Carols Under The Dome
Another fabulous night: here are some excerpts from singing carols in the magnificent Victorian State Library. Special thanks to Geraldine Hughes for such great assistance.



The original Larking About Under The Dome
What a fantastic night when we ran a workshop at the magical State Library Dome Room.



Portsea, November
Apres singing. Sad to farewell one of our stalwart members as she moves to Queensland, but a wonderful day singing in Point Nepean National Park. The acoustics in the old gun magazines are incredible.      


       Portsea Singing



World Voice Day 2016
We had such fun performing for World Voice Day last year that we decided to do it again. Wonderful fun singing a few songs for market-goers in Mornington for the 2016 World Voice Day.



World Voice Day 2015
A lovely time performing for World Voice Day 2015 in our favourite subway. Gotta love the acoustics! Here is one of the songs we performed.




The Subway
We had a great time singing in the Subway.  All the tiles on the wall made it like the best bathroom singing in the world!  Playing with the space was really exciting and such fun.  It was interesting stretching out the group to sing all along the subway as well as the way we could get the reverb to enhance the more haunting songs in our repertoire.


       Subway image 1



Coppins Lookout
What a night we had at the Lookout!  Watching the sun go down, seeing over the Peninsula to Port Phillip Bay, along to the Rip and with Bass Strait on the other side.  Sea shanties, boat songs and the other songs selected from our large repertoire set the mood for a fabulous evening, followed by well earned yummy food and drinks.


       Coppins Lookout 1 image     Coppins Lookout 2 image




"No good opera plot can be sensible, for people do not sing when they are feeling sensible."

W.H. Auden

And just for fun: Merry Christmas to all.